Daria Semenova


Daria Yulianovna Semenova was born in Moscow in 1958.



1973-1977 - Moscow Art College in memory of 1905, Theatrical and Decorative Faculty

1978-1983 - Moscow State Art Institute named after Surikov, workshop of Professor Tahir Salakhov.



Manezh - "Theater in the USSR" and an exhibition in the Union of Graphic Art in Malaya Gruzinskaya.

Manezh - "Portrait in contemporary art" - "Portrait of Julian Semenov," was acquired by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR.

Academy of Arts - "Exhibition of Graduation Works" - "Portrait of the First Commissars", acquired by the Museum of History of Leningrad.

In 1984, "Portrait of Olga Semenova" (portrait of the artist's sister) was presented in Paris at the exhibition of Russian and Soviet painting and received the Silver Medal of the Salon of French Painters.

1984 – Palais Royal, Paris - "Traditions and Contemporaneity" - medal of the Salon of French Artists for the painting "Portrait of a Sister", purchased by the State Tretyakov Gallery.

1985 - Moscow Youth Festival - "International Exhibition of Young Artists"

1989 - Paris, Versailles: "Auction of Contemporary Russian Art"

1990 - Amsterdam, The Inna Kaufman Gallery - personal exhibition

1991-1992 - London, David Harrington Gallery, BerkeleySquare - personal exhibition

1991 - Hamburg, Space and Art Gallery

2017 - Moscow, ArtBrutMoscow + Lappartement

Daria Semenova
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